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2006 Healthy Hearts Club
Our Best Value Guarantee to our Valued Customers

Many companies offer periodic sales offering discounts and sales to their customers.

Because Heart and Body Extract is such a foundational formula, Healthy Hearts Club

has chosen stability over the ups and downs of offering price discounts from time to time.

We want our valued customers to know exactly what to expect from month to month as they continue their journey towards optimal health. With this goal in mind we have maintained the same prices for the last 10 years. Yes almost everything else has gone up around you. Gas prices, food prices ,clothing ,housing.  Not Heart and Body Extract .You can trust we will be stable for you over the years.

That is our promise to you .The same as low as possible price month after month, year after year. Our fine organic, wild crafted liquid formula is worth every penny as it delivers profound results. With our stability of pricing you can plan this important nutritional supplement into your family budget .

To your long healthy life.

Brian Harris
Healthy Heart Club